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Self Service Moving | Quotes | Moving Companies

Comparing self service moving quotes is highly recommended when you are searching for moving quotes for your upcoming move. The following are some things that you should do when trying to compare moving quotes.

First, obtain online moving quotes from company agents or online directories when searching for moving quotes for your intended move. Online moving quotes are the most appropriate forms of quotes as they enable you to find reliable moving services at very affordable costs.

Visit at least five online directories and moving companies and request for their online quotes from which you will be able to determine the one that offers you the most efficient services for your upcoming move.

The only thing that you will be required to do when searching for online quotes is to fill out an online form and provide details such as your name and age, the destination that you will be moving to, your physical location and address, the date of moving and a list of all your items plus their value.

The moving quotes that you will be provided with by the company agents or online directories will give you a rough estimate that will help you to determine the cost of moving prior to the actual date of moving.

Ask the moving companies whether there will be any variation in prices of the quotes when comparing self service moving quotes. You have to know that most companies that deal in moving services at times only provide their clients with a rough estimate of the cost that the customers will incur when searching for quotes and not the final estimate.

The actual costs will usually be adjusted based on circumstances such as freight charges, packaging cots and insurance needs therefore you may need to know this several days prior to selecting a moving quote.

The other important factor to put into consideration when comparing moving quotes is to find out whether the company from which you want to hire the quotes from meets all your moving requirements including providing you with the right number of consultants for your upcoming move, insurance cover and advisory services whenever you are in need of these.

The other essential factor that you should put into consideration when trying to compare moving quotes is to search for a moving company that provides written quotes to its clients. Stay away from those that provide their quotes over the phone as this may cause untold inconveniences in future.

When you are comparing moving quotes, be sure to ask the agents of the moving company about the method of payment that it accepts from its clients. While some companies require their customers to pay cash, others accept credit cards, personal checks and online money orders from their customers.

Also search for a company that offers you an itemized list of the items that you will need when moving together with the estimated costs that you will be required to pay for them. Also find out the estimated cost for additional services such as packing. Compare these before settling for any moving company.